Fritz Liechti

I was born 1961 in Aarberg (Switzerland) and live now for years with my family in Illnau, the area of Zurich.

Since 1986 I am an avid diver and became later a CMAS Diving Instructor and UW-Photo Instructor. My first underwater photos I photographed with the legendary Nikonos III. Nature fascinates me since my childhood. The wildlife in North America, Africa and Asia inspired my wife and me to ever new trips and of course to take pictures.

After 30 years of diving I rarely go without a camera into the water. There I 'm usually accompanied by the best diving buddies you can have. I am thrilled in Switzerland diving in rivers, especially at night. In the sea I discover almost on every dive something new and am always overwhelmed by the variety of colors of wildlife.

We have to protect our underwater world with all means! I was in really remoted areas of the world and was just sad and angry, at how much plastic and waste is even to be found there!

Contact me:
Fritz Liechti

Equipment Cameras:
Canon EOS 5D4 / EOS 5D3 / EOS 7D2

Canon Lenses from 8 to 600 mm

Ikelite housings for Canon EOS 5D4 / EOS 7D2 2 x strobes Ikelite DS161