Some friends inspire me again and again with their brilliant photos. Over the years they have given me many useful tips on photographing . – Thank you very much!

Steve Miller
UW-Photographer / Ikelite-Abassador / UW-Photoschool | Website >

Thomas Sbampato
Nature Photographer / Multi Visions / Author / WWF | Website >
Bernd Nicolaisen
Glacier + Nature Photographer / Exhibitions / Author | Website >
Dominique Wirz
Photographer / Pilot / Photoreports / Blog / Photoschool | Website >

More Links
Swiss Diving Instructor Association - training of divers and dive instructors
One of the biggest and best known manufacturers of UW-photo housings, UW-strobes etc.
Fantic AG / Sirnach
Biggest supplier of UW-photo equipment in Switzerland, with private pond for testing